Silver and Gold juttis-

When I got my first pair of fizzy juttis so I was super excited, my sister gifted me this beautiful pair which I also wore on my wedding day.

This box makes my day with lots of happiness.

These beautiful embroidered juttis will make every bride smile, bride written on the back with fine silver and gold detailing embroidery,comes with crochet shoe bag and personalised note.

Gold toned juttis-


These pair will match at every occasion, the main purpose is to make bride happy and I definitely know she will be the happiest.

The super comfy KolhaWedges-

Who will not be happy with these beautiful pink wedges, I am just adored from them, if you have that friend or sister whom you want to gift something special these are the one you can gift them.

I personally wore them after my marriage at various occasions, these wedges are super comfortable and elegant.

The pink base wedges with gold detailing gives you so many reasons to be chilled as heels are so much hard to carry for person like me.

Crystal clear juttis-


Designed and embroidered so beautifully, it is really good for gifting bride and she will love them. It is not necessary to gift them(just part of my joke)we can purchase them for ourselves too.

Rainbow touch-


These are called social butterflies and really the word has deep meaning, it shows the colour of happiness and just amazed by the tone of these juttis.

Sneakers!!!OH Yes!


These garden theme sneakers are one step ahead of our thinking and I just love their beauty…Gifting a bride or a birthday present it all goes well with every occasion.



Payal Singhal and Fizzy limited edition heels are colourful and elegant,if someone likes to carry heels this will be a good gift.

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