My First Trip to Goa

I went to Goa in January 2021,Goa is really a hot place, typical hot sunny weather and that’s the best part to go there and take sun bath and enjoy the ocean.

We reached Goa from Delhi Airport, we can book taxis or the hotels arrange the car for us, we should already book a car and try to see maximum benefit while booking it.

In North Goa-

When we reached driver was already arrived to receive us, we went to Hard Rock Hotel in Calangute,Goa, it was very close to the Calangute beach, which is the most famous and largest beach in North Goa.They sanitised our luggage and check our temperature with proper procedures, the whole atmosphere was of music there. It was super fun to see different and unique stuff. The music was all around and the feel was super awesome.we booked a Rock Suite, it was very beautiful, we check in our room and I just love the whole room and it’s elegance.

I don’t have so many photos but I will try to show you a bit of them.

Hard Rock hotel is very much near Calangute Beach and that’s the best part of it, you can easily go there while walking in evening and you should heir a ride, it’s upto you what you like a two wheeler or a four wheeler.

I went to these three beaches there as it was really hot but I am happy to explore these one, you can enjoy water sport activities there but I tried my water activities in South Goa, but there is much variety in North Goa for water sports and I can say shopping is much available in North Goa.

  1. Calangute Beach
  2. Baga Beach
  3. Anjuna Beach

I know we cannot go everywhere and I want you guys to explore Goa, the way you want, When I will go another time I will try to go where I don’t went this time.

You can enjoy the beach evening atmosphere, full of colourful lights and so much of crowd is gathered to relax and have fun. There are so many food stalls and shopping area, you will enjoy your every moment.

Try to do-

  1. There are so many Casinos so try to go in one of them.
  2. Take little guidance from hotel staff also.
  3. There are so many car rentals outside of hotel but always compare others price too.
  4. Don’t shy and bargain a little more.
  5. Try to use a two wheeler in North Goa because of rush.
  6. Always make a video of your rental vehicle,to avoid fraud activities.

In South Goa-

It was all opposite from North Goa, not so much of crowd, only peace and calmness all over, I love the beautiful area of South Goa, we went to The Leela Resort, it is on Mobor Beach, Cavelossim, Goa. The resort is located 40 km away from Goa Dabolim Airport.

Guests may enjoy Ayurvedic massage and yoga sessions at the spa, or arrange a sunset cruise at the tour desk. The Leela also provides a tennis court and pottery making classes.

It was a pleased environment and there was greenery all over and it is a huge area resort, with so much of plants and trees.

It was all fun and Leela Goa offers 7 food and beverage options served buffet style, with cuisines ranging from local Indian dishes to Italian food.

We enjoy water sports there, cycling is also available in the resort and it is all a bit if private beach, there is no much crowd, best for photo shoots and you will not be disturbed, all peace and calmness.

You can ask resort to hire a vehicle or I will advice you to ask outside the resort as it is much much cheaper.

We stayed there for three nights and it was super fun, I would definitely go there once again as it makes my heart full of memories.

Try to do-

  1. Go outside of your resort and there are so many cafe’s just enjoy your meal there.
  2. Try cycling and water sports.
  3. Try to explore Goa with your partner while walking or taking a ride.
  4. Enjoy the sunset.
  5. There are so many resorts in Cavelossim, check them too and what you like the most just book it.

There are so many places to visit in Goa, you can check my travel destination blog in India.

I hope you will enjoy your own quality time there, I am telling you my story and I will be happy to hear yours too.

Thankyou for giving your time.

By Komal Yadav

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