Cute Mini Planters On Myntra

When it comes to home, planters are mostly used for decoration. I love plants greenery and they also enhance beauty of our homes. We have so many decor ideas for homes and mini planters are one of them. Yes, we have so many online options to have our choice. Today I was using Myntra(it take orders within India) I saw my wish list and it was full of these mini planters which I am going to show you, I have some of them but not all…Hahaha!! but I would love to buy them.

I know these brands can be on many sites so no worries just google them for your better prices and one thing more I think Myntra prices them well than any other site but still so many times discount goes up and down so check them first, compare their price and buy.

Let’s get inside my wishlist-

Set of three black planters and golden touch stand, it will look great in your bedroom as well as in living room too and they are so mini you can use them anywhere, no stress of space.

A cute teal green cup saucer planter, you can use it at any side of your kitchen area, side table or on wall shelves.

Hanging Planter in a metal holder and rope, how beautiful it will look in your balcony or corner of your room.–beige-colourblocked-planter/11684598/buy

This ceramic planter will beautify in every corner of your home.

Set of three ceramic planters with all over designs in the bottom, it will look good on wall shelves, you can also use small one on your study table or any small coffee table, wherever you likes the most!

They are super cute, metal stand with grey planter, it’s a beautiful combination for your home.

If you have kids, they will love them but if you are just a kid like me I am sure you are also going to adore them, set of three kitty planters with all different colour variety.

Green from colour and metal stand giving them a great combination, you can use them on your side tables, in living room, and your dressing table…

Set of three planters in three different colours.’-table-planter-pots-with-crossed-stands-in-iron-(5.2-inch,-set-of-2)/10797746/buy–yellow-the-glossy-cylindrical-table-planters-with-stands/10797742/buy

Give a golden touch to your home with these planters, it comes in other colours and designs also you can use them on table, on side table and much more.

This one is also a beautiful planter with a unique design, succulents will look best in it, you can use it on any corner of wall or your main area.

I hope you likes these mini planters, Thankyou so much for seeing, if you like them,Please like and follow.

By Komal Yadav

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