What We Should Do In Our Free Time Except Using Gadgets!!

We all know how much we are addicted to our phones, I am here to tell you some enjoyable things which you can do except using your gadgets in free time…

Give Family Time

We all have beautiful families but somehow we are missing our quality time with them, Everyday we are busy in our hectic schedules and not able to give that much time to our loved ones. It will be a great idea to talk,love and appreciate them.

I belongs to joint family and I am very happy to have them, it is all fun to sit with my cousins and talk on so many things, we all have some people in life whom we should talk and share and it should be very much important to share your emotions with any person.

The best way to not get bored is to see your family in that time…

What you can do-

  • Play indoor/outdoor games with your family
  • Talk to your elders
  • Spent some time with your love

Know Your Interest

It is very hard to know what we really want to do in life and same with the boring time, we start using our phones instead of knowing our interest. If we know our interest we will try to encourage it and this should be very important to know about your interest.

Try to explore what are you liking in free time and what not ?? You will easily know your interest just give sometime to yourself.If you love to cook so cook, if you love to draw so draw whatever you like just try to do it in your free time.

Enhance Your Creativity And Hobby

Why I am saying this?? Because I know it happens with all of us, we avoid our hobby and start doing another things but I think we should give equal chance to our creative mind as well, Try your ideas and enhance them.

My hobby is drawing and embroidery and I always try to do it in my free time, all this calms my mind and give me best happiness Which I cannot get from gadgets.


Gardening should be appreciated by you and it helps you overcome your stress and aloneness in many reasons, I am saying this because I feel this happiness while seeing plants and vegetables in my granny garden, I feel relaxed there.

Gardening not need big space it only needs our heart space to be done all, you should try a bit for you…

I am very lazy type of person but I like to grow money plants in glass bottles and they look super cute and beautiful.


Exercise is very important for our body and it should be in our daily routine, if you are not able to do on regular basis so you can try to do it in your free time, walk , yoga, dance whatever you likes just do that…

My favourite free time exercise is dancing and please tell me your favourite in comment section…


Cooking is the best way to deal your stress as your all focus is on that special dish you are making,no worries of tomorrow and you should always learn little bit of cooking for your betterment and enjoyment. I love to cook and it is a part of my daily routine, You will also feel happiness in cooking…

Your free time is yours and when you will cook, you will get excited for your dish and this excitement will create a kind of happiness on your face too and when people will appreciate what you made, it will be the best feeling of the day…

Pamper Yourself

Pampering is not easy for yourself but you have to try it sometimes. Pampering gives you a utter happiness and feeling of love is also maintained, We try to pamper our partner, our family but forget ourselves in this.

What you can do in my pampering sense-

  • Try a new hair cut
  • Try Manicure and Pedicure as well
  • Shopping is also good
  • Style yourself
  • Whatever you likes just do………..

Ask Your Heart

Ask what heart wants from you, we all should always listen what our heart is saying, your love and care everything depends on our heart, we should always do what we love to do…Pressurising yourself for sake of others is not a good idea..

Keep calm and listen your heart, heart knows it all…

Arranging Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe needs your time too and it is all fun to arrange your clothing again and again in different styles, I definitely pick this free time idea in my list.

Your wardrobe loves you and you should love it back.

I hope you will try to do what your heart says in free time and the main motive of this blog was to avoid gadgets as your time is precious for your family and friends too…

Let’s enjoy the company of our loved ones in our free time, I hope you like it and thanks for reading it all…If you like it so please like, follow and comment…

By Komal Yadav

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