Happiness Comes When You Want…

What is happiness?

Happiness is that positivity in us which keeps on telling us that our life is good, it is a joy and a level of satisfaction which we get from some experience or moment. It is a part of our emotion like we are feeling good and joyful.

I am not here to give a full time lecture on happiness but my motive is little different in this topic, I want you all to feel a kind of positivity while reading this blog, I hope it will help all of us to know what is the real happiness of life…

This is the most important question for our life and so many people are still struggling to get happiness because they don’t even know how it comes and what it should be!!

Are We happy in what we have!!

The answer everybody knows but still try to get yourself involved in it. Do you think you are happy in you!! If we will say yes, we are happy so it will be not exact answer as we all know, how much we think about what we don’t have and what we want from life!! I am not saying all people are not happy but almost every second person feels they are not happy from their lives…

Today we should be happy about at least we have this life which we are living, we are humans that is the best happiness we can get… If you will see an animal you will know what you have in your life you can talk, you can express, you can do what you want to do!! So let be happy for what we have, we have life that’s the best part.

We should be Happy that we have-

  • Life
  • Family&Friends
  • Feelings and Love
  • Humanity
  • Power to express

Happiness Exists-

Yes, definitely it exists but we don’t able to get it always because of our human nature. We cannot tolerate much in life and that’s the true part of us… We should think about the real happiness in us not about the real guilt in us, we should be more loving to our life not ruthless to it, we should be thankful for everything.

What you can do to get it?

  1. Laugh loud with your beautiful heart
  2. Love yourself
  3. Think positive
  4. Don’t burden your mind
  5. Do what you want
  6. Try adventure

If we want us to be joyful and in a good mood so we have to effort ourselves in this. It is not a one day thing but if we will try, it will be very easy for us to be positive in difficult situations.

Right now I am feeling very much positive and I hope you also get some bit of positivity from this blog, I know it is sometimes difficult to be a happy one but we have only one life and we should have a motive of being happy for us.

I hope you will be happy now and try to make others smile too, I am glad to talk what is in my heart!! I hope you like the blog, Please like, follow and comment.

Thankyou so much for reading, I am very glad to have you here.

By Komal Yadav

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