Charming Flower Hairstyles By Ritika Kadam

I saw her hairstyles on Instagram and I am so much surprised by her innovation with flowers, she has done every hairstyle in different way and so many variety of flowers has been used for making a hairstyle the best of itself.

I have selected some of her hairstyles, with open hair and a simple bun and all are graceful as flowers add beauty to them naturally and She has done superb hairstyling, I am just adoring all her hairstyles they are so elegant and beautiful…

Have a look on them-

Yellow flowers also look attractive just like red,pink and white one…

Adding butterflies to your beautiful hair and it is gorgeous in every way, Princess stories can be real if you do this type of hairstyle on your special day.

Play with beautiful colour of flowers, your hairstyle will definitely be different.

Your tied up hair can be gorgeous as you can add simple flowers to it and it will be as stunning as open hairs.

Your haldi and mehandi can be more different by these elegant braid hairstyles…

I love this pink and blue combination bun, different in colour style and looking WOW…

Link –

I am in love with these beautiful hairstyles, they all are unique and especially flowers are making them magnificent to watch, I hope you also enjoyed while seeing these eye catching hairstyles.

Thankyou so much for seeing them and if you like so don’t forget to Like,Follow and comment…

By Komal Yadav

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