Being Selfless Is Good But Little Bit Of Selfishness Is Not Bad

Being kind is good, being selfless is also good but sometimes little selfishness is also good for you. We are human beings and selfish and selfless behaviour are two types of aspects in our lives. It is not necessary to be an ideal person and it is also not important to ignore your views in front of people. I know there are so many people who love theirselves and they don’t think at all about others but I also know there are so many people who loves being selfless.

Today’s topic is very much positive for me as I will tell you my view about being selfless and selfish… This is not about giving judgment for any kind of person, it is all about our choices and preferences.

Sometimes we have to choose between good or bad and we totally get confused, I am a type of person who always think too much while doing anything. I know it happens with everybody but is it important to think about people?

It is good to be reserved at some point but not always. Selfishness is also the same,it is good to be selfish at some situations or things but not always remain the same…If you are self loving person and don’t think much about others so it is not bad at all but Your behaviour means a lot to those who loves you and it is not necessary they will always understand what you do to them!

How I am??

I am very much selfless and my family thinks I should stop being like this, But I never thinks about it as I am happy in being selfless as I have this positivity in me just because I love others. Still I am saying to love yourself and get a bit of selfishness in you as it will make you more pampered and happy.If you are liking something and other person also likes the same, so give it to him/her but not always, this should not be your habit.

What should be your view towards your nature-

  • Your perspective is good but try to know about others also
  • You should love what you like but try to know what people are liking in you
  • We are always right, it is not necessary but after knowing our mistakes if we can correct them so it will make best outcome
  • Your thinking and ideas are appreciative and others also think the same, so try to appreciate them with your thinking.
  • You know you never judge people but if anybody is judging you so let them do but don’t argue because they will only argue not listen your things, I am not saying don’t take your stand but try to avoid argument.

What to think about-

  • Those who loves you
  • Those who always think about your good
  • Those who never says no to your work
  • Those who cares for you

We humans are natural when it comes to our reactions and so our nature, how we are and what we want, it comes in front of people, there is no need to think more and be what you are and this is best for us in every way.

Judging people is not a good idea, you know there face not their story what a person is doing and what you are doing are both different things… Everybody has there own nature and not interfering in the nature of other person is the superior way to handle your things with them. My things also start sorting out when I let my people be at their place where they want and they appreciate it as everybody needs space and we should respect that.

This is my differentiation between a selfish or selfless person-

Selfish Person

  • Love themselves
  • Think about themselves
  • I, me and myself
  • Own interest matters most

Selfless Person

  • Love others too
  • Think about others too
  • We and Us
  • Interest of others matters most

At the end, what I see after differentiating-

Being selfish is not bad but if you are hurting others with your nature,so try to change it as you should also think about those who loves you.

I, me and myself is good for some time but if you thinks like that so you need a change if you have a partner so think about him/her too and if you have family so this nature needs to be corrected.

Not involving with people and not caring about them is not only bad but it also gives you hard times to feel alone at a point of time.


Being selfless is also not bad but if you are not enjoying yourself so try to think about you too because life is all about loving yourself and have fun.

While thinking for others you stop thinking about your happiness, so try your happiness instead of thinking too much about others.

How people treat you is not important for you because you only devotee yourself in welfare but this needs to be change as your respect is important too.

What I Know so far-

No person is bad, we all are humans if you have more love towards yourself so it is not at all bad and if anybody has more love towards others it is also not bad… Everything depends on our judgements if we like a person whatever he do,we will not say a single word but if we don’t like so we will keep on finding his mistakes for no reason…

In all this you should not forget about your well-being, you should love and respect everybody whether you like that person or not.

What we should do-

  1. Love yourself but keeping in your loved ones in mind too.
  2. Appreciate yourself too but don’t forget to appreciate others too.
  3. Thinking about only you is little bit selfish so you can try to think about others too.
  4. Don’t try to change yourself but try to avoid your bad habits.
  5. Judging is worst thing you can do and stop it for your goodness.

I don’t know how this topic goes in your mind but I hope you get a bit of happiness while reading this article.

Whatever you are in nature but don’t forget your humanity, humanity is a big word and we should respect it always.

I hope you like today’s blog, Thnakyou so much for reading…If you like so please like,follow and comment…

By Komal Yadav

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