Short Hairs Are New Love

Nowadays we can see, how much woman’s are loving short hair. The biggest advantage of short hair is that they are very easy to manage and the most important thing is to manage your hair without trouble and we can easily carry them.

We all need our comfort first and in long hairs it not possible for us, the way short hair makes a new different look of any person, it is fabulous. We don’t need to have makeup or anything, just simply take a new hair cut in short length, it will give you a new makeover without doing much.

Personally I like long hairs and I too have but if I want to try a different makeover, I definitely try it but right now I am going to show you few of the celebrities that are looking beautiful with short hair look.

Sara is all set with her Indian and western look in beautiful short hair.

Start your day with exercise and Alia is looking gorgeous in short hair.

Shraddha in both looks make it attractive with short hair.

Kajal Aggarwal’s short hair is making a stunning statement with braid and hair accessories look.

Shoulder cut hairs are making Anushka styling simply beautiful.

Tamannaah wavy shoulder short hair look is perfect.

Samantha is also making elegant look with her short hair.

By seeing all these celebrities with short hair look, I am also going to try it in future and I hope you also get some idea of short hairs, how they will look on you.

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By Komal Yadav

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