Ultimate M.A.C Products

We all know about M.A.C products and we all love them so much but it is not necessary that every thing of a particular brand will be suited best for everybody.

I am saying about this particular brand because I am using it from such a long time and I don’t want to change it’s product with another one as they are damn good and work well on my face…

And most important I am not sponsoring any product, I am going to tell you my honest opinion about them and purchasing is your choice.

Here are some products which are my personal favourite and they are very much useful for our makeup.


Before my marriage I never use makeup but after marriage me and makeup become friends forever(joking but yes we are)…

Foundation as my never known friend but after knowing it’s necessity in makeup I started trying to be friends… I was not into makeup and after trying various foundations, I stuck on this Mac Foundation(my shade tone is NC 25 according to Indian skin) I started liking it from the day one as it gives you non patchy and smooth face. Whatever I do with my makeup but it always help me out… Using it in heavy makeup look or daily routine makeup, it goes well with every look for me…

It is for all skin types, full coverage, matte finish,available in 60+ shades, sweat and humidity resistance.

Studio Fix Concealer

I will always say that concealer is not for me as I am not able to use it so correctly some times but I also use it’s concealer and it really works.

Mac concealer is very much reasonable to buy and if you want natural looking face so it is very important to have a good makeup and it depends on the product so many times but also on the usage of it that how you are using it, same with concealers all brands are good at there place but the best needs to be recognised and Mac concealer is the one for me.

It smoothed your skin and lasts 24 hours, non caking, oil free and most important it provides you to stay in your own colour…

Ruby Woo Lipstick

Roses are red and lips also look stunning in red shade. The best selling lipstick of Mac is it’s Ruby Woo lipstick.

It makes your lips really beautiful with that red shade, brightens your face without doing much to it. I personally likes it and will also recommend to have it.

Mac Mini

Who don’t like mini products,Mac has so many mini products and I always want to have them in my Makeup. They are affordable and more properly useful tham the big one

Prep+Prime Fix

Using it before and after makeup you can use it as primer or fixer, I use it after doing my all makeup and it really glows. I have already finished one bottle of it. You can try it as it hydrates and soothes your skin.

Strobe Cream

You want makeup or just want to be without makeup, it goes with your need of time…

You can replace it with your moisturizer, smoothed your skin, provide radiance and hydration, it comes in five shades.

Pen Brushstroke Liner

It is very easy to use as it is just like a brush, you can easily handle it on your eyes. I am not good in using other type of liners and it is best suited for me well.

You can try every type of eye liner look with this brush and it really works. They says it lasts 24 hours and waterproof, it is really really true.


It enhances your eyes beautifully and I never feel to have eyelashes with it, I love to use it every time I do my makeup and it is also waterproof but you have to be little careful, like if you have water on your face just dab it don’t wipe it, it will remains like this.

I hope you all are good and like this blog and I also enjoyed exploring with you about these M.A.C products.

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By Komal Yadav

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